Lindsey and Chris: Maine Engagement Photography Session

After taking a couple months off from shooting, I was really excited about my second engagement photography session this month! Lindsey and Chris contacted me from Massachusetts and were going to be in Maine for a weekend so it was the perfect opportunity to return to one of my favorite coastal Maine locations in Cape Elizabeth.

We were fortunate enough to have a fairly warm day (for a February in New England). Lindsey and Chris brought along their adorable Goldendoodle, Leo, who seemed to really love being in front of the camera!

Here’s my interview with Lindsey:

How did you two meet?

We both went to college at Northeastern in Boston and had a few mutual friends, however, we were simply acquaintances at that time and crossed paths only a handful of times.  Fast forward nearly 10 years, and although we hadn't been in touch, we still shared a few mutual friends.  One friend in particular is one of Chris's best hometown friends, and one of my best friends from college.  She was close to both Chris and I as we were coincidentally going through cancellations of previous engagements/weddings.  She filled us each in on what was happening in both of our lives, and it wasn't long after that we were set up to go on a date.  It didn't take us long to know that we were meant to be!   

What did you do on your first date?

We went out to a nice dinner, caught up on the last 10 years of our lives, and reminisced about times that we were at the same parties and events in college.  We even stumbled upon an old photo on Facebook of us posing together years ago that neither of us had known about.

When and where did you get engaged? Tell us about the proposal.

Chris planned a great surprise and included my family and young nieces and nephews in on it.  Two days before Christmas, we went to Maine to visit family at my sister’s house and they told Chris and I that the kids had planned a scavenger hunt to give us our gift.  We had done something similar for the kids when they visited us, and they had wanted to do one for us.  They all fooled me!  At the end of the Christmas scavenger hunt, Chris pulled out the ring and took a knee for a very sweet proposal with my family all around. 

What are some common interests or activities you enjoy doing together?

We love planning and working on home and outdoor renovation projects together, playing with our sweet goldendoodle pup Leo, traveling, working out, and spending time with family and friends.

Tell us about your wedding plans. When and where it will take place?

We will be getting married in August of this year in Portland, Maine with a small group of close friends and family.  We are planning an outdoor ceremony followed by a dinner and party to celebrate.  

 Winter Beach Maine Engagement



Kimberly and Eli's Ice's Castle's Engagement Session

When I found out that my cousin, Kimberly got engaged, I was THRILLED! Since it had been two years since my last visit to the Ice Castles in Linclon, NH, it was the perfect opportunity to revisit one of my favorite places and capture this special time in their relationship.

When February 11th came, I was initially worried about the rain. Though it continued to rain throughout the day, Kimberly and Eli were troopers, spending the entire shoot outside and making memories!


Here's my Q&A with Kimberly:

How did you two meet?

We met through mutual friends of ours, and were surprised that we hadn’t met sooner because we knew so many of the same people! 

What was your first date?

Our first official date was at a restaurant in Portland called the Green Elephant; my favorite restaurant! 

When and where did you get engaged? Tell us about the proposal.

We got engaged at the botanical gardens in Boothbay during Christmas time (December 9th) when they had Gardens Aglow, and the lights were beautiful. He brought me there during a snow storm, and the snow made everything feel even more magical. He arranged for someone with a camera to come and meet us there, so I thought the surprise was that we were going to have some pictures taken. And in the middle of taking pictures, he got down on one knee! He couldn’t have possibly made it more perfect than it was. 

What are some common interests or activities you enjoy doing together?

We are very different people, which keeps the relationship fun and exciting. However, we do have some important things in common. We both value spending time with our families. And we LOVE spending time with our dog. 

Tell us about your wedding plans. Any thoughts as to when and where it will take place?

For our wedding, we are thinking August of 2019! We do want to stay local so that all of our friends and family can be there. We don’t want anything too big because want to be able to focus on each other and truly enjoy the best day of our lives! 


Thanks so much, Kimberly and Eli for embarking on this fun adventure!


Berry Manor Inn Rockland Maine Elopement | Denise and Matthew

Denise and Matthew traveled all the way from Texas to the Berry Manor Inn in Rockland Maine to exchange their wedding vows on October 28th, 2017. They had a beautiful ceremony inside of the Rockland Talbot House followed by portraits on the grounds of the inn. Named as one the top Bed and Breakfast’s in the United States, Berry Manor Inn lends its guests a historic glimpse into the Victorian era. Combine the beauty and charm of the inn with the fall foliage in full peak and this Rockland location was the perfect place for a small intimate fall elopement.

Here’s my Q & A with Denise:

How did you two meet?

We actually met at my brother’s wedding. The maid of honor to my sister in law is Matthew’s sister! He was there helping babysit his nephew while his sister did maid of honor duties! I tried to flirt with him but he was in such “uncle” mode (his very first time babysitting alone) he didn’t notice the flirting lol he does however remember everything I wore from the dress rehearsal to the way I did my hair on the wedding day. I ended up adding him on Facebook and we just hit it off so well. I knew very quickly he was the one.

When and where did your engagement take place? Tell us about the proposal.

Our engagement was perfect! We came back from a birthday party about an hour and a half away and I came in the house first and there were rose petals all throughout the house leading to the backyard where I walked through an aisle of candles to a bush that was decorated with roses and floating candles. As I walked out there he was right behind me and he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! I of course said yes! He chose that spot because it was actually the spot where we shared that we were pregnant with both of our parents.

How did you envision your special day being prior to planning?

Growing up I had always envisioned the big wedding big dress I even had Pinterest board. But when we visited Maine about a year ago. We both knew we wanted to elope to Maine. I knew I didn’t want the big wedding anymore. We wanted it to be about us and not worry about the stress of planning a wedding. We found Berry Manor Inn in Rockland, Maine and fell in love! They had everything from the officiant to flowers to the wedding cake all planned for us! It was perfect, it was better than my Pinterest board I made years ago!

What is your favorite moment of your special day?

I think we had 2 favorite parts! One was our first look. I had a great time getting ready with my mom and new mother in law. I loved saying our vows and kissing as husband and wife for the first time. But our first look we both agreed was just so special to us. It was just us getting ready to start our new lives together. We got the nerves out of the way and we’re just able to be with each other in that moment. The second, which really didn’t include anything about the wedding was actually after the ceremony and cake. We had about 2 hours before we met our parents for dinner to celebrate. We actually drove up to Camden Hills State Park! We changed into some sweats and heading out there not knowing what to expect. But once we got to the top it took our breath away! We just stayed up there looking at the amazing views and couldn’t get over how amazing our day was!

Tell us about your flowers, your dress, your cake, etc.

My dress is from David’s bridal. I got it about 3 weeks before we got on a flight to Maine! My mom and sister came with me to look and they helped grab random dresses and I think my mom picked out my dress. I remember looking at all the choices before I tried them on and I saw my dress on the hanger and just knew it would be the one. Sure enough I tried it on and it fit perfectly! Although we did have to let it out 2 inches just for the belly to grow! But we ended up getting it and alterations done within 3 weeks! I actually had no idea what my flowers or cake were going to look like! Berry Manor Inn gave us options and basically asked whatever flowers I wanted. I know nothing about flowers! I didn’t even have wedding colors! But Matthews tie had some pink in it so I just asked for blush pink flowers. And they ended up creating my bouquet for me and added matching flowers as a cake topper! Both came out better than I had imagined! I have to give it to Berry Manor Inn for everything they did for us that day! It was amazing! 

Emily and Kim's Cape Elizabeth Maine Engagement Session

I was thrilled when Emily and Kim reached out to me about photographing their wedding and engagement session. It was apparent from our first meeting that the two are very much in love. I was so excited to bring them to one of my favorite locations in Cape Elizabeth, Maine for their engagement session. We began the session at Two Light State Park and then headed over to Kettle Cove, where we were lucky enough to have one of the most amazing sunsets I've ever seen there! I asked Emily to share more about about their relationship:


How did you two meet?

We met on a dating website. I messaged Kim first and it was love at first sight when she saw my adorable black dog.

Tell us about your first date.

For our first date we met for sushi, which is funny because neither of us will eat raw fish, but veggie sushi is the best! After sushi, we went out for drinks in downtown Portsmouth and got to know each other. We had an instant connection and felt so comfortable with each other; neither of us wanted the night to end.

When and where did your engagement take place?

On our one-year anniversary, Kim gave me a scrapbook that she created for me. She was really excited about giving it to me, but I could also tell that she was slightly nervous as well. I was really confused about the way she was acting when she gave it to me. Normally I am the crafty one, so I was excited to see what she had made for me. As I turned through the pages of pictures from our adventures throughout the year, she sat next to me anxiously fidgeting. As I got closer to the end I started to realize what was happening, there were stickers that said “You’re the one” and “You and me are meant to be”.  On the last two pages, it read, "Forever & Always" and "Marry Me?”. It also said, "Open, look inside". I opened the pocket and a little piece of fabric fell out, which had contained my beautiful engagement ring. While I was unwrapping my ring, Kim asked me to marry her. My initial response was no, due to the fact that I was in a state of shock. I, of course, followed the no with a joyful yes!

What are some hobbies and/or activities do you enjoy doing together?

We are both very drawn to the ocean and often spend most of our time at the beach.  If the surf’s up, you’ll find Kim surfing, while I take in the rays. This is also our favorite place to take the dogs so they can run around and swim. We love exploring and learning about all of the different lighthouses along the New England coast. We also love traveling to places such as Acadia National Park where we can enjoy great hikes with the dogs and experience breathtaking scenery.

Where and when will your wedding take place? Please describe your wedding vision.

Our wedding is Saturday, June 30, 2018, at the Dockside Restaurant in York Harbor, Maine. We are planning on having a small intimate wedding. We want a simple, but a classic wedding with nautical touches throughout. Since we are both drawn to the ocean, we thought it would be the perfect place for our wedding. 

Sheepscot Harbour Village Resort Maine Wedding | Taryn & Brad

When I met Taryn and Brad last year and photographed their engagement session, it was apparent from the start how much love was between them. They were so easy to photograph and their session is still one of my all time favorites.

When September 30th, 2017 came, I photographed the girls getting ready at the Sheepscot Harbour Village Resort in Edgecomb, Maine. They stayed at a lovely cottage with a life size wire carriage in the front. The lawn of the Water’s Edge was the perfect location for Taryn and Brad’s first look. We took couple’s portraits in the gardens by the gazebo and on the docks overlooking Wiscasset and the Donald E. Davey Bridge.

Taryn and Brad’s wedding ceremony was breathtakingly beautiful. Not only was it decorated in the most beautiful flower arrangements, but the sky had just enough cloud cover for the most perfect lighting a photographer could ever hope for!

The couple was announced into their wedding reception, which took place at the Water’s Edge Banquet & Function Facility and they shared their first dance as husband and wife. After a delicious buffet meal and the heartfelt toast and speeches, we snuck out at sunset for some amazing photos on the docks. After that, Brad shared a very special parent dance with his mom. The reception events wrapped up with the cake cutting, bouquet toss and an unforgettable sparkler exit. All in all, Taryn and Brad’s wedding was nothing short of spectacular. I can’t wait to share all of these wonderful memories I captured through photographs with them.

I asked Taryn to tell me a little more about her and Brad’s special day:

How did you envision your wedding being prior to planning?

I always knew it would be on the ocean. Maine is HOME, and it was important that we incorporated the things that are special about it, into our big day. 

What was your color palette and your style vision?

Our colors were navy, gray/silver, and cream. As far as style, we had a coastal theme with a touch of elegance. I wanted to pull pieces of the Maine Coast but couldn't leave behind my love of glam and anything that sparkles! 

What is your favorite moment of your wedding day?

That is so hard to answer! The whole day was made up of so many perfect moments with all the people I love the most. If I HAD to pick just one, I would say the walk down the aisle. It gave me a moment to breathe, to really take everything in, to take a look around at all the special people we have in our lives that were there to celebrate with us, and getting to see my amazing husband with the biggest smile on his face there waiting for me at the end.

What song did you do your first dance to?

You & Me by Dave Matthews Band. It's a very special song to us. We knew that we weren't exactly professional dancers and were slightly nervous about choosing it because it has some parts that are a little fast. Even though we knew from the start no other song would mean as much to us, we threw around other ideas over our year of wedding planning. Ultimately we knew there was no other choice. I remember one night not long before the wedding, after a couple glasses of wine, practicing our whirls and twirls in the kitchen for the faster parts of the song. Let's just say it wasn’t pretty!! The funny part is, we weren’t even nervous about it. We knew no matter what, it would be special. Somehow, we managed to nail all those whirls and twirls! I remember us both having the biggest smiles on our faces after the first one, half shocked that we pulled it off! Maybe that was my favorite moment!

Tell us about your flowers, your gown, your favors, your cake, etc.

I am so in love with our wedding flowers! I received an arrangement for my birthday from Blue Fern Designs a couple of years ago and was so amazed at how gorgeous it was that I told her then, even before I was engaged, that she would be the one to do my wedding flowers. Blue thistle, heirloom garden roses, lots of greenery and pops of pink. Everyone was truly blown away at how amazing the bouquets and arrangements were. The arbor was straight out of my dreams. She truly couldn't have followed my vision any more perfectly. 

My wedding dress is the most amazing dress I have ever seen. I had a set designer in my mind when I went dress shopping. The very first dress I tried on happened to be that designer! I pulled that dress through, round after round, thinking I had found the one. Just as I thought we were done and my mind was made up, the consultant brought out one more. A completely different designer. It had been marked down by 50% that morning, was being discontinued, and the only one left was the sample they had in the store that happened to be my size. I remember trying it in and knowing without a doubt THIS is the one. It has the most amazing detail. I have never seen a more gorgeous train. It fit me and my body so perfectly; I truly felt it was made for me.

Picking out wedding favors was one of the hardest things to choose, for us! We both love chocolate, probably way more than we should, and knew that likely we weren’t the only ones. Probably the only time we will have 20 lbs of Hershey kisses delivered to our house!

Our cake was a dream! Brad and I actually got engaged in the tower of West Quoddy Head Light in Lubec. I absolutely love lighthouses and that was one I wanted to visit for years. Brad got in touch with the lighthouse keeper before our trip and managed to get him to let us up in the tower off season so he could propose. (How lucky am I to have such a thoughtful husband??) Brad’s cousin was actually planning their wedding as we were planning ours and showed me a photo of their cake inspiration. As she was walking over to show me the photo on her phone, from afar, it kind of looked like a lighthouse! We had never even dreamed of a lighthouse cake but at that moment, it made perfect sense! West Quoddy was such a special place to us, why not incorporate it into our wedding?? Jill(The Winey Baker) is so talented! Not only was it super tasty, a lot of people didn’t even realize initially that it was our wedding cake! The design was flawless! I didn’t even want to cut it, it was so perfect!

What advice would you give to couples who are currently planning their wedding?

Give yourself plenty of time. Planning should be fun and exciting! You want to be able to enjoy it. DONT STRESS! Everything comes together just as it should. You are surrounded by so much love and so many people you care about. Ultimately THAT is what matters. 

Wedding Vendors:

DJ or Band: 8th Street DJs

Second Photographer: Andrea Simmons

Florist: Blue Fern Designs / Jennifer Waitkun

Cake/Desserts: The Winey Baker / Jill Drew

Officiant: Geoffrey Starrett

Bride's Hair Stylist: Callyn Tweedie

Make-up Artist: A New Leaf Salon and Spa, Edgecomb Maine

Wedding Dress (store and brand of dress): Madelines Daughter, Essence of Australia

Bride's Shoes: Blue by Betsey Johnson

Groom's Attire: Generation Tux

Stationary: Wedding Paper Divas