Emily and Kim's Cape Elizabeth Maine Engagement Session

I was thrilled when Emily and Kim reached out to me about photographing their wedding and engagement session. It was apparent from our first meeting that the two are very much in love. I was so excited to bring them to one of my favorite locations in Cape Elizabeth, Maine for their engagement session. We began the session at Two Light State Park and then headed over to Kettle Cove, where we were lucky enough to have one of the most amazing sunsets I've ever seen there! I asked Emily to share more about about their relationship:


How did you two meet?

We met on a dating website. I messaged Kim first and it was love at first sight when she saw my adorable black dog.

Tell us about your first date.

For our first date we met for sushi, which is funny because neither of us will eat raw fish, but veggie sushi is the best! After sushi, we went out for drinks in downtown Portsmouth and got to know each other. We had an instant connection and felt so comfortable with each other; neither of us wanted the night to end.

When and where did your engagement take place?

On our one-year anniversary, Kim gave me a scrapbook that she created for me. She was really excited about giving it to me, but I could also tell that she was slightly nervous as well. I was really confused about the way she was acting when she gave it to me. Normally I am the crafty one, so I was excited to see what she had made for me. As I turned through the pages of pictures from our adventures throughout the year, she sat next to me anxiously fidgeting. As I got closer to the end I started to realize what was happening, there were stickers that said “You’re the one” and “You and me are meant to be”.  On the last two pages, it read, "Forever & Always" and "Marry Me?”. It also said, "Open, look inside". I opened the pocket and a little piece of fabric fell out, which had contained my beautiful engagement ring. While I was unwrapping my ring, Kim asked me to marry her. My initial response was no, due to the fact that I was in a state of shock. I, of course, followed the no with a joyful yes!

What are some hobbies and/or activities do you enjoy doing together?

We are both very drawn to the ocean and often spend most of our time at the beach.  If the surf’s up, you’ll find Kim surfing, while I take in the rays. This is also our favorite place to take the dogs so they can run around and swim. We love exploring and learning about all of the different lighthouses along the New England coast. We also love traveling to places such as Acadia National Park where we can enjoy great hikes with the dogs and experience breathtaking scenery.

Where and when will your wedding take place? Please describe your wedding vision.

Our wedding is Saturday, June 30, 2018, at the Dockside Restaurant in York Harbor, Maine. We are planning on having a small intimate wedding. We want a simple, but a classic wedding with nautical touches throughout. Since we are both drawn to the ocean, we thought it would be the perfect place for our wedding.