Elizabeth and Jason's Engagement Photography Session

Elizabeth and Jason met through mutual friends, though it was several years later that they began dating. During the winter of 2013, they had dinner together on their first date. Elizabeth describes their relationship: "Jason and I are the type of couple who can spend every waking moment together and not grow tired of one another, as we get along like the very best of friends, yet we are also fiercely independent and cultivate our own interests. I own horses and he owns pulling oxen and steers, so we fit well together, caring for our animals and all the responsibilities of a farm."

On November 1st, 2014, Jason woke Elizabeth very early out of bed to take her deer hunting for the first time. She recalls it vividly: "I admit I was slightly cranky after hiking to the very top of a steep hill called the Great Ledge, which is part of the Saddleback Mountain Range in Baldwin, Maine, but once to the top, the view was breathtaking. Taking in the beautiful landscape, I turned around and realized Jason was down on his knee, holding an open ring box. Though we had talked about marriage, I never imagined he would surprise me in such a way. Suddenly, it didn't matter that I was wet from the persistent rain and sore from lugging a heavy gun. The man I adored was very nervously waiting for an answer and I did not hesitate to say YES!"

The couple is to be married on July 4th, 2015 at Jason's great grandmother's farm, which was also the location of their beautiful sunset engagement session. They plan a rustic country Maine wedding and I anticipate being their wedding photographer. This is a very exciting year for Elizabeth and Jason. On top of planning their wedding, the couple became first-time homeowners this year. They were also surprised earlier this year to find out that they are expecting! "It was a little sooner than we planned, but sometimes the best things in life don't always work out how you plan."

I'm very excited to be Elizabeth and Jason's wedding photographer. They have so many exciting new things happening in their lives this year and their happiness radiates into their photos. It's happiness that makes the best wedding photography, as no matter how much detail and planning, nothing can replace that. Although, on top of their happiness, they are planning a beautiful wedding that truly embodies who they are -- a country wedding with rustic details! I can't wait to travel back to West Baldwin, Maine as their wedding photographer.