Chelsea and Christopher's Engagement at Ice Castles

Chelsea and Christopher met in college through mutual friends — she went to Husson and he went to Maine Maritime Academy. The couple had their first date at Sunday River and enjoy many activities together, which include skiing, riding dirtbikes, snowmobiling and just enjoying the outdoors together. They also have two dogs.

Christopher proposed in May of 2015. He had just fixed his old truck and said he wanted to take a ride to the top of Streaked Mountain, which is a place they go often, as it has trails and a lovely view. It was the perfect place for a proposal and of course, Chelsea said yes! The couple plans to be married on June 25th, 2016 at the Farm on Worhley Pond in Peru, Maine.

Saturday, February 13th (the day of the engagement session) was one of the coldest days of the year. With temperatures barely reaching the tens, the wind chill made it even colder. A few weeks prior, Chelsea and Christopher had planned their engagement session at the Ice Castles with me. We decided to proceed with the session, despite the frigid weather and I'm really glad we did!

The Ice Castles in Lincoln, New Hampshire is made up of over 10,000 icicles. The Ice Castles are created by "growing" more than 5000 icicles each day that are then harvested and sculpted together. The new icicles are then drenched with freezing water, which fuses them to the formation. The process is repeated once or twice a day until large tunnels, archways and pathways are created. Development is continued throughout the winter and evolves into an ice masterpiece that is made up of a blend of an artistic eye and nature.

Thanks again, Chelsea and Christopher for braving such a cold day with me and being up for an adventure!