Marginal Way Ogunquit Maine Wedding: Danielle and Scott

Saturday, May 21st, 2016 was a remarkable day. Danielle and Scott had a small, intimate wedding ceremony overlooking the rocky seacoast along the Marginal Way walking trail in Ogunquit, Maine. The two were surrounded by twenty five of their closest family and friends. I had the fortunate opportunity to meet Julie Draper, a wedding officiant from York, Maine. She officiated a lovely ceremony and the ocean waves were the only sound in the background as the couple exchanged vows.

Named by the Abenaki Native American Indian tribe as "beautiful place by the sea," Ogunquit's coast is a picturesque location graced with beautiful beaches and rocky coastline. It embodies the essence of Coastal Maine. It is no surprise why the couple chose this location, as they traveled all the way from Massachusetts to get married here. The couple had previously visited the Marginal Way, where Scott had proposed to Danielle and so their history and memories live here.

For those reading this that aren't familiar with the Marginal Way and its story, this now-paved mile and a half long footpath was given to Ogunquit village as a gift by Josiah Chase in 1923. The path begins at Perkin's Cove near the harbor and for decades was called "the margin" because of how it developed along the edge of the cliff. For more than 100 years, people have walked and admired this natural paradise. Though the trail is gentle, with easy bends and inclines, people often stop to admire the beauty of the landscape at one of the path's thirty strategically placed memorial benches. These benches each hold small plaques which are dedicated to people who have shown great appreciation for this beautiful location. More than 100,000 people walk the Marginal Way each year, enjoying a stroll along Maine's rocky coastline.

If you are eloping or having a small coastal Maine wedding ceremony, I would love to hear from you! These intimate gatherings are perfect for couples to share their commitment with one another. Photographing these events is an honor and I am happy to talk to you about what you have envisioned for your special day.

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