The Landing at Pine Point in Scarborough, Maine: Brittanie & Kurt's Wedding

On July 3rd, 2016, Brittanie and Kurt had a beautiful coastal Maine wedding. Their wedding ceremony took place on the sand of Pine Point Beach in Scarborough, Maine. Family and friends surrounded the couple as they exchanged vows.  Onlookers watched in admiration. It was an ideal "beach day" along the Maine coast. The couple and their wedding guests celebrated with a lovely wedding reception at The Landing at Pine Point. Catered by The Black Tie Company, chicken and Lobster were served for dinner. The night was filled with heartfelt words, beautiful dances, and of course, lots of fun. Just the two of them, Brittanie and Kurt shared their last dance on The Landing dance floor. The couple was sent off in style with a grand sparkler exit.

In Brittanie's words…

How did you two meet?

The two of us met at a two stepping dance bar in Manhattan, Kansas. I was in my first year of veterinary school and Kurt had just finished basic training and I believe it was his second night in Manhattan. He was stationed at Fort Riley. We danced all night and I ended up asking him to help me build a dog fence the next day which I had been planning to do. We exchanged phone numbers that night. The next morning he texted me asking if I still needed help with the fence! I was hesitant but accepted his invitation to help. He showed up and we spent all day building a fence, running back and forth to the store to get everything I had forgotten to buy ahead of time. From that day forward we hung out almost every day. At first, Kurt didn't want to start a relationship because he was going to be deploying to Afghanistan in a few months but we grew closer and closer and in April  before he deployed, he asked me to wait for him until he got back. I agreed and we have been together ever since!

When and where did your engagement take place? Please describe the proposal.

Kurt had planned long ahead of time to propose during my white coat ceremony in front of my entire family which took place at the end of my third year of vet school. The morning of the ceremony, Kurt took my father to breakfast to ask for my hand in marriage, which my father agreed to without hesitation. After the ceremony that day, Kurt suggested we go to the Kansas State Gardens to take pictures with the family. We were taking pictures of just Kurt and I when Kurt turned to me and said, "The real reason I brought you here today was because, well you are the best Bub a guy could ever ask for..." and proceeded to choke up then get down on one knee and asked me to marry him in front of my entire family and a few friends. I said yes of course and we went on to celebrate!

What was your "perfect wedding" vision?

When we started to plan the wedding I knew I wanted 3 things: sunflowers, lobster and the beach.  We knew we wanted it to be in Maine because most of my family is from there and I told Kurt if we were going to settle in Wisconsin, I wanted to get married in Maine. The sunflowers were important because we met in Kansas which is the sunflower state. Our original plan was to rent a beach house with a big back yard on the beach and have the wedding and reception all in one spot, simple but fun. We planned nearly the entire wedding from Texas and soon realized it would be difficult to have to plan every single detail from afar and since weather in Maine is unpredictable, we decided to choose a venue that would provide a rain back-up. The date wasn't very flexible as I finished my internship the Sunday before the wedding and was starting my next one the week after. We didn't want to wait too long because we have some older members of our family that we really wanted to be present! The wedding became much more elaborate than we ever expected but it was just as spectacular and fun as anything we imagined.

What is your most memorable moment from your wedding?

We have a few best moments. We LOVED the ceremony and all we have heard from guests is how beautiful it was! The best part of the ceremony was reading our own vows to each other.  At the reception, our first dance was a lot of fun but even more so was celebrating the 70th anniversary of my great grandparents with an anniversary dance. Kurt enjoyed our last dance together. My dad's poem and brother's speech blew me away and were awarded the most tears! If I had to guess the guests' most memorable moment, I would have to say it was probably when Kurt tripped, stepped on my dress, and caused me to face plant during the sparkler send off!!

What song did you do your first dance to?

Michael Buble - Everything. Everyone thought we had practiced but little did they know we had not danced together in over a year!

What — if anything — did you DIY?

My dad purchased a lobster trap and I bought wooden buoys from Etsy, which we spray painted white for the table assignments. The table numbers were wine bottles painted silver with numbers painted on them. The wedding cake was made by my mother, the shells were edible and the flowers were real! (This was my favorite). My father and stepmother made little cards for the tables that showed how to eat a lobster and they were placed on every table setting. I spent a lot of time on Etsy. We ordered fun personalized wedding programs along with other decorative things like the cake topper. Last but not least, our vows were created by each other, specifically for each other.  

What's in your future? Do you have anything fun or special planned?

We just moved from Houston, TX to Christiansburg, VA and are happy to be back in a smaller town. I will be completing an oncology internship then moving on to a residency for the next four years and Kurt will be starting nursing school.  We have hopes of going to Alaska for our honeymoon, a glacier cruise and guided hunt, but it may not happen for a few years. We hope to eventually settle up north and start a family!

We are truly blessed to have had such an amazing wedding. We cannot think of anything we would have changed and we are looking forward to what are marriage has to bring. We cannot thank everyone who took part in our big day enough for making it so special!

Wedding Vendors

Photography: Trina Dinnar Photography

Wedding Planner: Madeline Littlefield, Black Tie Company

Venue: The Landing at Pine Point, Scarborough, Maine

DJ: DJ Ross with Double Platinum Celebrations

Catering: The Black Tie Company

Florist: Reg Cary at Downeast Flowers

Second Photographer: Tracey Mason

Hair/Make-up: Debbie Spencer

Videographer: Heirloom Pictures by Marcella Hoekstra

Dress: David’s Bridal

Cake: Theresa Partridge (bride's mother), cupcakes by the Black Tie Company

Officiant: Mark Wyman, maid of honor’s father