Kendra and Brandon's Outdoor Dayton Maine Wedding

Last summer, I saw a post in a local photographer's network group about a couple who decided to hire a wedding photographer last minute. Every photographer the couple had contacted was either booked or out of their budget. Being in my first year photographing weddings, I knew I'd be able to help this couple out.

The groom, Brandon, is the one who got in contact with me. It's not often a groom handles hiring their wedding photographer but I'm really glad when groom's take an active role in planning the wedding. The couple was laid back. I love working with laid back couples who don't get caught up in the stress of planning a wedding. Kendra and Brandon were just that.

August 16th, 2014, the day of the wedding, I arrived at Kendra's parent's house where I photographed all of the bridal and wedding party prep. Her cousin happened to be an excellent make-up artist. From there, we headed off to the wedding location, which was a large reservation on Gould Road in Dayton, Maine.

Their ceremony music was sung by a live female guitar-playing vocalist. The vows were beautiful and heartfelt and each member of the bridal party shared their words and poems with the couple. A reception soon followed in a wedding tent in the same field. There was laughter and dancing throughout the afternoon.

After the meal, I took Kendra and Brandon out to the field where one of their friends had brought in a large tractor. It was so much fun photographing them on the tractor. It definitely put a unique spin on their wedding.

As the day wrapped up, the family and friends of the couple decorated their car and a large "just married" message was sprayed upon the back window. They drove off, honking their horn as they made their departure.